Wildlife Conservation Science & Policy

Dedicated to the social and political aspects–the so-called "human dimensions"–of wildlife management

Update: New Reports Added

Today I updated the Reports page with two new reports our lab has recently completed.  The first report presents findings from a 2010 survey of Ohio State University students’ attitudes concerning environmental issues and preferences for environmentally focused courses in the curriculum; the second summarizes findings from a 2011 survey of Ohio anglers focused on factors that constrain fishing behavior.

Here are links to both reports:

Zwickle, A, Wilson, R.S., Bruskotter, J., Ascher, T., Bennett, J., Ferry, J., Fluke, S., Gupta, D., Heywood, J., Koontz, T., Majidzadeh, L., Rhodebeck, A., Ritter, T., Singh, A., Singh, D., Sherry, J., Slagle, K., Thompson, P., Toman, E., Zajac, R., & S. Zwickle. 2012. “Environment in the Curriculum: A 2010 Survey of OSU Students”. Columbus: Environmental Social Science Lab, School of Environment and Natural Resources.

Zajac, R.M., Bruskotter, J.T. & E. Toman. 2012. “Fishing Ohio: A Survey of Ohio Anglers”. The Ohio State University, School of Environment & Natural Resources and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife.


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